Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs will be releasing their new album King Of Cowards on September 28th via Rocket Recordings, and as the count ticks down to that explosion, we're providing more fuel for the fire in bringing you the new song and video 'GNT'.

As the opening track from the upcoming album, 'GNT' is an emphatic and unyielding show of Pigs' riffing prowess from beginning to end. The communal power of their playing is on full display here, as their playing builds in volume and speed for the first few minutes, then as one they craftily lean off the gas and open up an expansive sonic space in which to bring down the vocal and aural hammer to close out the track.

The excellent video, shot in one take, features the band playing in a circle around their regally and flamboyantly head-dressed singer Matt Baty, with the camera continually swirling around the central figure in a darkened room. The result is undoubtedly cult-like and engrossing. Here's what the band had to say about its creation:

Sam Grant - "The album lyrics deal a lot with sin, in both modern and traditional guises. So sin was natural route for the visual side of things. We wanted to keep it all simple though, so the head dress Matt wears was the main conveyor of this, with various iconographic 'things' slipped in there. It came out looking a bit Bacchus, which is great, and there's a bit of a macabre Joel-Peter Witkin style to it that's magic! We owe Roberta Green of Candy Vortex a massive thanks for the building of that head dress, it's amazing!"

Matt Baty - "I had to sit still for a long time but wearing the headdress made me feel quite fabulous. It was very flamboyant which appeased my vanity, plus I got to eat a lot of delicious cake for a shot, which made my day."

Watch the video below and check out the full list of Pigs' upcoming tour dates beneath.

Following the release of King Of Cowards on September 28th, Pigs will be taking their rampaging live show on the road. Make sure to catch them at one of these dates:

September 27th, Star and Shadow, Newcastle, UK - SOLD OUT
September 28th, Moth Club, London, UK - SOLD OUT
September 29th - Rough Trade East
October 25th, The Georgian Theatre, Stockton On Tees, UK
October 26th, Star & Garter, Manchester, UK - SOLD OUT
October 27th, South Street, Reading, UK
October 30th, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate, UK
November 22nd, Picture House Social, Sheffield, UK
November 23rd, Hope and Ruin, Brighton, UK - SOLD OUT
November 24th, Temple of Boom, Leeds, UK
November 29th, Fulford Arms, York, UK
November 30th, The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
December 1st, Nice 'n Sleazy, Glasgow, UK

April 3rd, Rebellion, Manchester, UK
April 4th, The Scala, London, UK
April 19th, The Sage, Gateshead, UK