Keeping in line with Red Bull Music Academy's ethos of not only discovering and nurturing new musical talent, but also searching back through the annals of time to pinpoint and discuss various mini-epochs of music and gamechanging movements (the videogame music series, Diggin' In The Carts, is particularly good), they've just released a mini-documentary called Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio. Such a title is quite self-explanatory, but for a little more detail: hosted by MC Lyte, it focuses on radio DJs throughout the '80s who pioneered and championed then-burgeoning styles of music such as house, hip hop and electro. You can watch the 17-minute-long documentary below.

It will be shown at Red Bull Music Academy Festival NYC, on 27th May, where artists included in the documentary will also take part in discussions, breathing life and added interactivity to this era of music history.