When we spoke with Aussie duo Flight Facilities last month, they revealed they'd been working on a brilliant new video for 'Down To Earth'. "It will probably be one of our favourites to date," said Lyell. "I know we have a lot of videos but this one is extra special. There's a very special guest in it but we're not going to give it away yet."

Now the secret's out. Sam Rockwell (The Green Mile, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Seven Psychopaths) is the special guest, and he is here to hypnotise you with his sultry moves. Well, maybe not sultry, but it's definitely a smooth mix of hilarity and pure skill. Rockwell just wants to dance, "I'm the kinda guy that likes to shake my tail feather, and so it was a great opportunity to get some new moves, especially to such a sweet beat."

Keep an eye out for the Jimmy and Hugo cameo at the end too. Diner dancing is where it's at.