Here is Christian Williams, Capital FM DJ/presenter and former resident DJ with Ministry of Sound, telling us all about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as part of Samsung's People of Note (see the pun?) series. We like the part when he highlights things. Seems like a pretty nifty phone to us. There are times when out at a show or in a club or something, or wherever you happen to be, that either due to issues of time or issues of drunkness you happen write something terrible because your fingers are fumbling all over the keyboard on your smartphone's touchscreen. Worst of all is when this is autocorrected.

Thanks to the ability to actually write via some sort of stylus on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the days of trying to read a garbled note you made rushing home would be over. Whip out the stylus, scribble a note (doesn't matter about handwriting – you can usually read your own handwriting, no matter how messy), check it later. Easy-peasy.

And the prospect of sending childish doodles to friends is just too much to resist. And highlighting, we like highlighting. Watch the video below.