Sia's refusal to show her face during the promotional campaign of her latest album has caused a classic 50/50 split in opinion. For every "THIS IS INCREDIBLE" comment, she gets hit with a "ARGHHHHH, HOW PRETENTIOUS" one. Let's look at this way: can you imagine last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live performance without all the theatrics? You could argue that showing her face wouldn't take much away from the "performance" element, but an artist refusing to play the game (or playing the game by 'not playing the game') is interesting. Why put so much stock in sticking to a formula?

Anyway, watch her perform Elastic Heart', 'Chandelier' and 'Big Girls Cry' below. Her new album, 1000 Forms of Fear, is out on July 7th via RCA/Monkey Puzzle Records (stream it here).

'Elastic Heart'


'Big Girls Cry'