Sleigh Bells are gearing up to release their new album Jessica Rabbit on November 11. And leading up to the noise-pop duo's release, the pair have unveiled their new video for 'I Can Only Stare.' The clip was co-directed by Derek Miller and Alex Ross Perry and stars Alexis Krauss as she navigates her way through heartbreak.

Watch the striking video and read Alex Ross Perry's statement about the clip below.

“I had never been asked to direct anything, at all, ever, prior to Derek reaching out via Instagram about whether or not a collaboration would be something I might consider. I was flattered, and immediately interested. I knew from their prior videos that Sleigh Bells had a particular aesthetic and I was interested in finding ways to bring my working methods to that table. Then instantly, I felt this was a song I could hear a hundred or so times in the filming and editing, which also proved necessary.

From our first conversation, it was clear that Derek and Alexis had a blessedly specific vision for how this video should look, and feel. It was almost like being asked to direct something somebody else had written. However the extent to which the band trusted me to realize these ideas, from shooting on my preferred format of Super 16mm film with my regular cinematographer Sean Price Williams to using rear projection instead of green screen for certain scenes, made me feel like an equal partner whose ideas pushed the concept to places no other director might have pursued."