Stormzy's debut album Gang Signs & Prayer made history this year as the first grime album to debut at number one. That moment solidified the genre on a global level with Stormzy as the artist bringing his refreshing narrative to the mainstream.

Now, months later - following his sold out tour and festival slots all summer - Stormzy has delivered a new short film in support of the project. The 16-minute clip was directed by Rollo Jackson and follows the journey of a boy becoming a man in the heart of the gritty streets of London.

"Young ​youts ​like ​myself, ​that ​grow ​up ​in ​the ​hood, ​we ​often ​don't ​know ​that ​we ​are ​actually ​the masters ​of ​our ​own ​destiny,” ​Stormzy said. ​"There ​are ​so ​many ​things ​that ​steer ​us ​in the ​wrong direction ​however, ​we ​decide ​what ​happens ​in ​our ​own ​lives ​and ​like ​my ​album, ​I endeavored for ​this ​film ​to ​portray ​just ​that. ​Derived ​from ​my ​album ​Gang ​Signs ​& ​Prayer, and ​written ​and directed ​by ​the ​legend ​that ​is ​Rollo, ​I'll ​let ​the ​visual ​do ​the ​talking."