Self-described as "Dreamy folkpop from Sweden" this is fourpiece Twiggy Frostbite with a brand new video for their track 'Ahai'. We can only assume that 'ahai' is a wordless shout of end-of-your-tether, on-the-verge-of-nervous-breakdown proportions – when no other word will do; or, at least, that's what we can construe from the video, which tells the tale of a lady playing out a less violent, more liberated (kind of?) version of Falling Down. Maybe she was fired from her job but she's happy(ish) about it? Who knows.

The music itself is indeed dreamy and is indeed folky. String plunks gently float with intermingling glockenspiel sounds, a heavenly cloud of glitter for the crashing-wave cymbals that sweep like a sudden surge of feeling throughout the song, the fuzzy Western twang of bass booming beneath it all, the vocals harmonising warmly and fluttering in melodic patterns with more than a little grandeur – beautiful is a word to describe it.

'Ahai' is out on Despotz Records. Watch the video / listen below.