Aural pioneers Bose are known for their frontier-bashing approach to technology – if you've used their headphones, you'll certainly be familiar with that aspect of the meticulous noiseniks. However, they've also been clamouring to show us the unseen musical vistas across the world, laying bare scenes we had no clue existed via their Scene Unseen trilogy: the viral waves of Mexican indie and Japanese dancehall, for example.

For their newest escapade, Bose delve into the depths of India's burgeoning electronic scenes. A broad topic for sure, the clip glances across Jon Hopkins-esque ambient techno, the harrumphing chaos of Ibiza-inspired Calvin Harrisists, and the utter insanity of EDM x bhangra.

Accompanied by gorgeous cinematography, the Bose explore the recent surge of e-sound. Discover Arjun Vagale's DJ academy, Nucleya mixing traditional styles with global bass in farmhouse raves, and Mumbai's Kris Correya gives his outside perspective of the whole movement.

This is all part of Bose's #ListenForYourself campaign, which aims galvanise the world (a noble, if grand, ambition). In hope that we scurry away to rifle through the global underground, they've provided us with tools and experiments that are sure to get the investigative juices simmering – and they're not just the Scene Unseen videos. There are collaborations with graphic designers and artists in their Layers Of Sound project, and a range of information collated from Spotify's listening data, which have been labelled Music Maps.

There's so much more to discover than what's under our noses.