Sometimes it feels like life has got you so busy that you forget what made you fall in love with music in the first place - new music in particular - and this debut single from Liverpool four piece Motherhood has reminded me of just that. It's infectious with tons of attitude, the band noting that “‘You Can Be Lonely If You Want’ is a song about the anxiety of being single while not really wanting to be, and becoming a little bit of a dick in the process", and it's got "a big fuck off cowbell" in there just for good measure.

They're an incredibly hardworking bunch of guys, too, having shot the track's accompanying music video with nothing more than the help from some friends. “We made the GIF in our living room with a giant white sheet, some selfie sticks and four iPhones. We’ve taken quite a DIY approach with everything, we’ve got lots of very talented friends, photographers and sound engineers who've all got stuck in and helped us construct a band that we’re really into.” It's a really inventive video, simple but it catches your eye with its bright colors, reminding me a bit of the Boomerang craze that's taken over Instagram as of late.

They're inspired from bands like Huey Lewis & the News to The Strokes and a little bit of everything else in between, allowing the songs they're working on to flow and breathe with a refreshing sense of vitality and excitement similar to bands like Two Door Cinema Club. "We arrange and construct each song in a way that best serves the tune to our ears, whether the song requires a ridiculous 80’s synth sound or a grungy guitar tone, we want to take it down the route it requires to be the best song it can be.”

It's one of my favorite debut tracks of the year, so watch the video below and check out their debut live show at Liverpool Arts Club on 9th November!

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