Johanna Glaza has been on The 405's radar for a few years now, so it is with no small amount of excitement that we bring you the news that the Lithuanian artist will be releasing her debut album Wind Sculptures on 29th September.

Our hopes for Wind Sculptures were already high, based on her track record, but they have been buoyed further by the unveiling of the new single, 'Space Mermaid'. The song shows Glaza's further enhancement of her production and songwriting chops, splicing together elements of folk and electronic to create a new beast that possesses an undercurrent of fearsome wonderment. It is without doubt the most immediately impressive song of hers to date, and is sure to hook a whole host of new fans on first listen, capturing the ears of anyone who likes anything in the spectrum set out by the likes of Björk and Joanna Newsom.

We have the pleasure of premiering the video for 'Space Mermaid' today, which partners perfectly with the song, further evoking the elemental and existential emotions. Watch the video below and keep your eyes peeled for more from Johanna Glaza's debut album Wind Sculptures.