Rather than publishing a million (well, four) articles on all the artists that appeared on TV last night (via Conan/Jimmy Kimmel/Leno/Letterman) - we've put them all together in this handy little post. We've got Feist performing 'The Bad in Each Other', The Shins performing 'Simple Song' and 'The Rifles Spiral', Arctic Monkeys performing 'R U Mine?' and Alabama Shakes wrapping things you with a performance of 'Hold On'.

What do we Brits get? The occasional pop band on Graham Norton. There really is no justice in this world. [videos via The Audio Perv].

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

Alabama Shakes - 'Hold On'

The Shins - 'Simple Song'

The Shins - 'The Rifles Spiral'

Feist - 'The Bad In Each Other'