New York duo Courtship Ritual are one of those acts with a small, but perfectly formed discography. I was first introduced to them in 2014 when they released their Pith EP through Godmode Music. Concise and captivating, Pith was one of the most underrated projects of the year. A practically perfect exercise in neo-psychedelia, Pith played with memory and idealism, gifting us with a golden soundworld that felt as earthy and real as a summer’s day spent my your favourite childhood river or lake, but at the same time, could easily have been a lazy daydream of sorts.

Since then, they’ve released the odd perfectly poised single, and their latest offering ‘Blunt As Naive’ is no exception. Built out of rusted sci-fi synths, ruptured drum loops, vocalist Monica Salazar’s floaty vocal, circular guitar and bass figures, and spaced-out incidentals, it’s a textbook exercise in dynamic contrast, tension and release, and all that good stuff that leads to a substantial emotional payoff. ‘Blunt As Naive’ comes packaged with a symbolism-heavy video clip created by Ben Searles, and points the way towards Courtship Ritual’s new EP CHARY, once again due for release on September 29th through Godmode Music. The 29th can’t come soon enough.