"Go on internet / go on internet / play on internet / fake on internet / eat on internet / fuck on internet/ buy on internet / die on internet" - Mai Lan

After working with Anthony Gonzalez's M83 on their last album Junk, French singer and producer Mai Lan connects with songwriters Max Labarthe and Godmode America's Nick Sylvester (producer to Shamir) and French film crew Panamaera for 'Technique'. One of those rare song/video combos that are explosive on both sonic and visual levels, 'Technique' showcases Mai Lan free-associating in a sing-rap style about internet culture, noodles, skincare, exercise and so much more over an explosive beat that takes the baile funk-informed sound of early M.I.A and yanks it straight into our maximalist EDM-soaked future. Featuring synchronised dance routines, tumblr style object close-ups, Jodorowskyian magic realism sequences and harrowing facial filters, the video hits just as hard. A major new figure has arrived.

You can purchase 'Technique' via iTunes here.