DIY electro-smith Krista Papista wowed us last year with 'Dirty Boy Dancer', where our own Cora O'Malley highlighted the way "she address her titular lover with cutting lines and the hint of snarl lurking beneath." The Cypriot/Australian "sordid pop" artist, currently based in London, features that venom part of her USP, with her self-titled debut LP (released in 2012) draped in blunt, sardonic wit and electronic bolsh in the same vein as Camilla Sparksss or No Bra.

She's an adroit purveyor of jarring alien dance, featuring '90s house, straight-up chart hooks and ruthless, yowling vox. That theme continues on 'Black Lagoon', the new single from her upcoming second full-length, which opens with a solid stock eurodance beat circa 2002. However, this ain't no DJ Otzi, and Papista's sullen croon emerges with diesel-blooded furore, replete with disdain, HEALTH-esque banshee howls and bubblegum synth chords. It's a gorgeous calamity, and the video is no different.

The video, directed by Papista, features stark colours and some sublime scattershot editing (it was also edited by Papista, alongside Director of Photography Theodoulos Polyviou). You can also expect strobe bombast, dog-walking and a surreal, sensual salad.