Anyone with casual familiarity with the male tendency can attest that, often, sincerity in regards to women's rights and interests is often fraught with selfishness. Too often, some may put on a face for it but never actually act on the values, which is the core principle of London group Doe's new song and video for 'Sincere'.

"Give them the answers that they're looking for/then congratulate yourself for doing nothing," aches Doe lead singer Nicola Leel on the track, forcing an uncomfortable reality to come into check. Bandmates (and co-writers) Jake Popyura and Dean Smitten appear alongside Leel in Andrew Northrop's video, which finds the group (and friends) eating and singing with a certain lack of sincerity on their faces.

"We wanted the video to reflect the playfulness of the song," the band writes to The FADER. "Our [plan] was essentially 'food and sarcastic facial expressions' and Andrew came back with the goods and even threw emojis in there for good measure."

Watch the video for 'Sincere' below. Some Things Last Longer Than You arrives September 9th on Specialist Subject and Old Flame Records in the UK and U.S. respectively.