Although Australian songwriter and singer Maribelle wrote an early version of 'About You' with LA production duo Penthouse several years ago, it wasn't until she reworked it with Madeleine Jayne that the vibe really locked in, leading to a #3 placing on Spotify's viral charts. In her words, "We didn't expect 'About You' to pop the way it did - we definitely didn't expect to go viral on Spotify."

Building on that success, Maribelle has been pulling together a series of remixes for release through her electronic pop label Club Crush Records. For this particular rendition, she connected with Melbourne-based contemporary trap soul duo Fortunes. The result was a shimmering, idiosyncratic and colourful redressing of its inviting late-night R&B soundworld and an equally warm music video.

"When it came to seeking remixes, it was inevitable that I'd ask Deer (who is also my tour DJ) to rework a club edit," Maribelle elaborates. "I wanted to do something a little different with the second remix, a bit more like a classic R&B feel like Mariah Carey did with 'Honey' adding verses from Mase and The Lox or Destiny's Child with their variations of 'No No No'. I've always loved Fortunes and they are good friends of mine so I didn't hesitate to collaborate with them when I got the chance. They nailed this remix, Conor's verses are so clever and Barnaby really gave the beat a new edge. It feels like a whole new song."

Since there isn't a huge amount of video footage of Maribelle or Fortunes online, they decided to put their faces to the video and create something closer to a visual accompaniment than any grand act of visual storytelling. "Video is so important in this climate so we wanted to cater to listeners who prefer the visual medium and aesthetics are such a vital part of my record label Crush Club so it felt natural to play that up with this song," she says.