Greek producer Kyriakos Moustakas, aka Sundayman, has teamed up with singer and ex-Keep Shelly in Athens member, Sarah P.

'On The Run' is a meaty, analogue electronic number, something that bounces along with '80s-flavoured drums and rumbling bass, synth glitterings raining down in slow motion as vocals interchange between rich, choral male and Sarah P's hyper-reverbed, dreamy voice. The video, a collection of chopped-up archive footage from the mid-20th century adorned with colourful splashes, suits the song's retro leanings and holds up a rhythmic mirror. Sundayman himself told us about his thinking behind the video:

"The idea behind the On The Run video was to play along with a theme that is devoid of emotion, thus, shifting the attention to the song itself. The sharp contrast of music and lyrics to the archival footage of data processing seemed to be a perfect fit for the occasion. Playful editing and post production give a dancey and colourful edge to the overall feeling of the clip."

Watch below.

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