The 2014 Winter Olympics aren't going too well. Hotels that are less than ready, the whole city still under construction, journalist's websites being blocked, euthanization of stray dogs, safety issues - the whole thing is a mess. The Opening Ceremonies happened earlier today, though, and although the 5th ring decided it wasn't going to cooperate, the Russian Police Choir gave us something we could all revel in.

If you can recall all the way back to last year, the Russian Police Choir went viral with their performance of Daft Punk's hit song 'Get Lucky'. Because the internet basically runs everything now, the Police Choir were enlisted to perform their hit single at the Opening Ceremonies. The "dancing", the robot singing at 2:40, the guy in the middle behind the two main singers who looks like he's constantly rolling his eyes - it's all amazing.

NBC doesn't allow their videos to be embeddable, so you can view it at their website.