Remember when we talked about that slow-motion rodeo documentary that Sufjan Stevens was creating the score for? Well he didn't just score Round Up, though, he also co-created it alongside Aaron and Alex Craig and now it has a trailer that you can watch below.

Explaining the idea behind it, Mr. Stevens said: "The film is part of a much bigger argument about the domestication of plants and animals and man’s relationship to the earth."

He went on to speak about it in terms of a companion piece to another of his multimedia pieces, The BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway), which was "a visual investigation of modern industry on the east coast."

"It's an existential issue that I think is crucial to have conversation about: man in modern society. We live in a world that is cruel to the earth itself. Man is a biological terrorist," he said, talking about the themes behind Round Up.

The film will be screened from 20th to 25th January at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM) Harvey Theater. Sufjan Stevens will be live-scoring each one.

We reached out to Sufjan's people to see if the score would be out soon, but it seems they're keeping that a secret. Damn.