London band Nimmo have shared a video for their recent dance-laden single 'Dilute This'. Shot in a nondescript location, mirroring the aesthetic of a low-key venue, the visuals reflect the band's history and organic growth, as described by co-vocalist Reva Gauntlett in a recent interview:

"A lot of bands record in the studio, get [a single] out, it gets loads of blog action, then they play their first live show and it sells out. Whereas we’re the kids that were in the back of the pub, playing to no one, for like, seven years now."

'Dilute This' is out now on Columbia Records and you can purchase it here if you so desire. Check below to see when Nimmo are playing live near you.

  • Nimmo live dates:
  • September 11th – Bournemouth, 60 Million Postcards
  • September 12th – Southampton, Lennons
  • September 15th – London, Oslo
  • September 17th – Brighton, Green Store Door
  • September 22nd – Liverpool, The Shipping Forecast
  • September 23rd – Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge
  • September 24th – Sheffield, The Cornershop
  • September 25th – Coventy, The Kasbah
  • September 30th – Guildford , The Boiler Room
  • October 3rd – Glasgow, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut