Inspiration really can strike at any time.

Dion Lunadon (A Place to Bury Strangers) was on break from touring with APTBS. It was then that he had a "creative spasm- a neurotic impulse" to write and record the batch of songs that will be featured on his self-titled debut album out on June 9th. The album features drums from Robi Gonzalez (APTBS). Blaze Bateh from Bambara will make a few appearances on the album and Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors, Ty Segall, The Intelligence, Thee Oh Sees) mixed a selection of tracks on the upcoming record.

And lucky for you, The 405 has the video premiere for Dion Lunadon's single, 'Howl'.

Much like the song's name suggests, the track and video combo bring forth a primal energy that is sure to get your heart pounding. 'Howl' as a song is wonderfully distorted, heavy, raging garage rock bliss. Lunadon painfully wails "I can't howl"; vocals bleeding through the speakers. The bass and drums chug along while the guitars and keys slowly layer in purposefully messy feedback building up to crests that rattle your bones and ignite the pent up energy inside of you.

And all of this is captured in the video for 'Howl'. In the woods with a low hanging sun, a person wears a reddish werewolf mask. The camera follows this person as they dance, leap, and shake loose the shackles of everyday life to get back to that primal state we all long for during strange hours of the night.

So, take a break and check out Dion Lunadon's video for his song, 'Howl'. Channel your frustration and let the dancing wolf expel that negative energy for you. It's almost the weekend and this is the perfect video/ track combo to get you yearning for a sweaty, small venue rock show.