LA's James Supercave have released the video for their latest single 'Better Strange'. The title-track from their forthcoming debut LP, it's another taste of moreish psychedelic pop from the band.

The clip is a rework (by Moxie Bellucci) of UK animator Sophie Koko's animation 'Half Wet'. The video follows the adventures of some strange looking characters doing some pretty strange things. Their harshness is balanced by soft pastels, shifting watercolours, lush velvety synth and one very persistent groove.

Interestingly enough, the clip reflects the main message of the song; that there's always beauty in imperfection - "You're so much better strange / You're so much better when you make mistakes with me." Frontman Joaquin Pastor explained his admiration for Koko's work, "It's like '90s cartoons did the same drugs that our music is hooked on. Beautiful, bizarre, hilarious."

You can watch the video below and read our interview with James Supercave here.