We're incredibly excited to present you with the Raphael Linden-directed video for 'Little Memory' by Overcoats (JJ Mitchell and Hana Elion) - our favourite new musical duo.

Linden has managed to match the ghostly quality of the song with moody lighting, pans and a creepy dinner party setup. There's even a slightly off-putting scene featuring a breakdancer. Not that breakdancing is weird, it just feels like that moment in a dream that pulls you out of your slumber (I'm on my way to work, but wait, why is my car a cucumber?).

Watch the video below, along with a brief 'getting to know you' Q&A:

Who the hell are the Overcoats?

Overcoats is us--Hana and JJ! In our usual schpeel, we call ourselves a "female folktronica duo from New York." Honestly, we are two women who love to make music together. We met four years ago when we both discovered that our favorite song is 'You Know I'm No Good'--by Amy Winehouse. We used to sing it in the dorms at university. But only in the past six months did we realize that we should be writing together. And thus Overcoats was born.

We try to infuse electronic music with the storytelling of folk and the passion of soul. The first person who interviewed us--Chris Gortmaker--called our genre time-soul. And we actually loved that. The music is about trying to encapsulate certain moments --to make memories, even the difficult ones, beautiful. We write music in an attempt to do justice to the people in our pasts. We are inspired to keep writing because songs have the ability to mean something to people beyond just the two of us. We can make a connection through music with people we may never meet - that's magic.

Where do you find inspiration?

We tend to find inspiration from brutal honesty. When we--or people we know--say things that aren't usually spoken out loud. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you're not happy with someone, or that you miss someone you shouldn't miss. A lot of our songs come from those kinds of emotional moments - ones where you acknowledge feelings that you don't want to feel. We take inspiration from the daily experiences of our friends and families, as well as our own.

Of course, inspiration also strikes whenever we see a really nice coat. We love coats.

What is your favourite word?

Favorite word?! That's impossible. We'll have to go with POTATO.

Tell us about 'Little Memory' and its video...

'Little Memory' was the first song that we ever wrote together. The lyrics came to us during a time that we were both trying to let go of people that we had difficult histories with. Knowing that sometimes you have to really cut ties with someone in order to let them live.

Our friend Raphael Linden - a brilliant filmmaker - heard the song and came to us with this surrealist concept for the video. It all just sort of came together. It was a ton of fun to film. We had promised all of the actors a decadent feast, in return for their hard work. We cooked all day to make the food for the banquet scene. Unfortunately, due to the fact that WE cooked it, all of the food was inedible.

What do you have coming up that we should know about?

We're currently posted up in Dublin, meeting some amazing people, playing lots of gigs, and working on new material. We'll be at Whelan's on July 29th and at Another Love Story, a great new festival north of Dublin, the weekend of August 21-23. Then we'll be heading to London for a few weeks at the end of August, doing a tour of our debut EP. Check out our website for our London dates at www.overcoatsmusic.com.