It’s probably best to get it out of the way early. That name. Is awful. Some acts would struggle to call a song Cool Ghouls, but your entire band?

We can’t hold it against them though. This troop of slightly psychedelic jangle-smiths from San Francisco are riding a Haight-Ashbury, tie-dye vortex of 60’s sunbeams into your speaker cones. But these are not 17 minute flower jams. ‘Natural Life’ is a sleek slice of tightly wound, economic folk-pop, high on melody and harmony. Way more Troggs fuzz than Grateful Dead, their sound is explicitly of that time, but Cool Ghouls have managed to embalm it with a little bit of 21st century indie and grit.

If say, Vampire Weekend are that new, quirkily designed, slightly knowing but highly desirable small car from a manufacturer like Citroën, then Cool Ghouls are those buggies the Banana Splits used to drive around in. And I think they would be ok with that.

Feast your eyes on the video.

If you like it, have a pop on the MP3 for your MP3 player. Totally worthy while the sun is out. Their eponymous debut album is out now on Empty Cellar Records.