London-based French trio Tiger Lion have unveiled the visuals for 'Prayers Against The Sun', a new tune that sets the mood for their upcoming EP, Beyond The Mountains. The clip for the track was filmed in Gambia, a magical experience that singer Clémentine Blue explains:

"I went to Gambia - felt so free, so pure. I captured everything and absorbed tiny pieces of the lifestyle there. I wrote this song about how living in London is the exact opposite. There's a hypnotic organic psychedelic thing here. A dance. A ceremony."

"'Prayers Against The Sun' is about suffering from being in London. It can be so heavy that it’s almost like the city becomes a strange character in your life. Everyone is praying for a sun that never comes. But there is the weird satisfaction of going through it all even if the city is so dirty, so free, so grey, so fascinating, so ugly, so beautiful all at once. This contradiction of staying there even if you never felt so alive than naked in the burning sun of Gambia, having a cold shower from a bucket as I did last summer."

The EP release party is happening at London's Servant Jazz Quarters on April 9th (tickets can be found here). For more information, check out their Facebook page. Beyond The Mountains is out April 6th via L'Aurore and Republic of Music.