I was under the impression that Dirty Beaches was no more. In fact, I'm sure this is the case. However I guess that only applies to future endeavours; for past components of the Dirty Beaches oeuvre it's fine, or so it would seem. To be fair, his final album Stateless did only come out recently.

Anyway, basically Alex Zhang Hungtai has shared a video for a song taken from that album, 'Time Washes Everything Away', a 15-minute-long film in which Alex himself stars. He wanders the streets of Lisbon, meandering through its darker parts, melancholy traced through all his motions, going on a ferry at night, making some music in a dilapidated apartment. Normal creative stuff.

Watch below, it's actually really pretty.

It was directed by Loic Zimmerman, a French visual artist living in LA.

Also: What about Last Lizard? The new moniker created for Alex Zhang Hungtai's music?