With two award-winning albums, extensive touring and a devoted fan base, Thomas Azier is undoubtedly a man of precision when it comes to his music, presence and artistry. Since Hylas, his debut album, Thomas embraced futuristic and expansive electro-pop. On Rouge, he carefully articulated every whispered word over slow-paced beats and explored classical and devotional moods. Now, with S T R A Y, the Dutch musician has stripped himself down and allowed in a higher level of vulnerability into his creative process.

“Producing everything on my laptop while traveling around, it was this raw excitement and energy working and living in the present that I was looking for in these productions"- Thomas Azier

Recorded and self-produced on the run across the globe, with a mere USB microphone and a laptop, between hotel rooms in Asia, France, in his Berlin studio and also the remote countryside of The Netherlands, his new EP reflects an incisively conscious state of mind during his time on the road. ‘White Horses’, according to Azier himself, is written with a feeling of “wrestling yourself.”

Watch the video for ‘White Horses’ below.

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