The Walkmen broke up this weekend, they broke up in November too, and December. But it's really real this time and you can see it for yourself. If you freeze it, you can actually pinpoint the second when Walkmen super fan hearts rip in half and the indefinite hiatus starts.

The band seem to be in on it at least, as frontman Hamilton Leithauser acknowledged their slipping end date with his final speech to the New Orleans Rock On Foundation Alt-Star Party audience saying: "It's not easy to knock us down because we have like five or six final shows, right? Like we have one and then we have another and we have another and then we have another. And then we have a reunion and then we have another reunion and then we have another reunion. 'Cause why the hell not? It's so fun playing with these guys." They finished their show and thirteen year career with 'We've Been Had', the first song they ever wrote together, a nice and circular possible ending for a great band. Watch it below.

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