For the last few years, Auckland, New Zealand-based singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ Villette has been building an audience for herself online and offline through her stylish and sassy blend of 90s R&B, early 2000s neo-soul, trap music, and downbeat. As a singer, Villette’s got the smooth, heartfelt tone and delivery of a vocalist from an earlier era, but when it comes to lyrics, she knows how to marry that the realities of life in the social media era for the early to mid-20s set. Coupled with production choices as explosive as they are subtle, she knows how to get down, and made that abundantly clear with her 2017 mixtape Drip Crimson.

This week, Villette kicked back into gear with the release of the music video for her new single ‘Money.’ Created between Los Angeles and Auckland in collaboration with Red Bull Music and Baron VR, the clip is best watched using Google Cardboard or a VR headset, and takes the viewer on a vividly psychedelic trip into an ex-lover’s memories and dreams of Villette. Set against buzzsaw synths, rattling triplet-timed rhythms, and Villette’s rich vocal and sharp lyrics, it’s yet another reminder that she’s an emerging talent worth remembering.