Amid numerous live performances, a Chicago residency, and new material alongside his son, Jeff Tweedy and the impossibly beloved Wilco are celebrating 20 historic years as a band. To formally wring in the achievement, the group performed a gamut of under-the-radar back-catalog gems on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Its first live performance, 'A Magazine Called Sunset', comes from the band's 2003 EP More Like the Moon. As a web exclusive the band also performed 2002 cut 'Cars Can’t Escape'. However, 20 years together deserves at least a bit more face time. So Tweedy also joined Fallon and guests Ewan McGregor and NBA legend Charles Barkley for a game of charades. And as for anyone familiar with Sir Charles, things don't go too well for him.

Wilco's aforementioned residency will begin early December, lasting six nights at Chicago's Riviera Theatre. Wilco's career-spanning box sets will also be released November 27th.