Label:Neapolitan Recordings Release date: Out Now! Website: Wave Machines on MySpace ‘Punk Spirit’ is pretty much the most desolately depressing song you are likely to hear all year. A sad, simple electric guitar line accompanies a very sad sounding man as he sings about times that get so bad that not even a catchy hook and a feeling that you’re gonna change the world someday can cheer you up. As the song rises, speeds up and adds drums, an organ drone and backing vocals, it doesn’t get any happier or upbeat, no, it just gets even more crushingly miserable. A wail of ‘oooh-ooooh’s ups the desperation and as the song begins to pound to a close, any positive feelings will be sucked out of the room. Every cry of ‘Where’s my punk spirit when I need it?’ will drag you further and further down. Maybe I’m over exaggerating, but this song is just really fucking depressing and there is no other way to describe it. When everything falls apart, when not even your punk spirit can save you, all that is left is this beautifully sad song. Rating: 9/10