Despite a relatively busy year for Wavves' Nathan Williams - the highlight of which being his collaborative album with Cloud Nothings - he's not a happy guy.

Late last night, Williams released a track from the follow-up to 2013's Afraid of Heights, but was soon met with trouble from his label Warner Brothers, who apparently wanted it pulled. It then turned into a one-sided slanging match: "Its so obnoxious to work tirelessly on something and then have a bunch of ppl who just see me as a money sign go and fuck it all up," tweeted Williams. Ouch.

The twitter sage revealed a few things though: firstly, the new "album is called 'v'. fifth album. v. vv. vvv. a trilogy" and secondly, its artwork is pretty great (look above).

Check out the song that caused all the issues - 'Way Too Much' - below.