Wavves have announced they'll be releasing their fifth album this fall. V was produced by Woody Jackson and is due out on October 2nd via Ghost Ramp/ Warner Bros Records. The LP is preceded by the previously-unveiled single 'Way Too Much', which caused a stir last week.

The artwork, which you can see above, is based on the Five of Cups card from Rider Waite's tarot deck, a curious choice since it represents loss, but also the importance of not looking back to what has been left behind (represented by the three cups of split wine) but to what still lies ahead (the two cups that remain standing).

Tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. 'Heavy Metal Detox'
  • 2. 'Way Too Much'
  • 3. 'Pony'
  • 4. 'All The Same'
  • 5. 'My Head Hurts'
  • 6. 'Redlead'
  • 7. 'Heart Attack'
  • 8. 'Flamezesz'
  • 9. 'Wait'
  • 10. 'Tarantula'
  • 11. 'Cry Baby'