We recently brought you 'In My Mouth', the uncompromising track from New Zealand's Wax Chattels, who have a self-titled debut album coming out next month. It turned out that 'In My Mouth' was actually an ode to their favourite of Auckland's dive bars, so imagine just how furious they sound when they turn their attention to a more trying subject on the follow up, 'Career'.

“Women sacrificing youth, mental and physical health for success," is the brief given by the band as to what they've used as fuel for 'Career'. It starts ominously enough with a distant clanging turning into a foreboding and patient percussive introduction. "For you I swallow/ self-doubt manifesting from my deepest insecurities," begins Amanda Cheng, but then her hesitancy seems to be swallowed whole and turned inside out as the trio launches into their idiosyncratic post-punk march. When they get up a full head of steam and fully take control of their powerful sound, it's easy to forget that there are actually no guitars in this band; only drums, bass and keyboard. This means they have to show some ingenuity, and allows them to be melodic while also staying ruthlessly heavy. They've used that to devastating effect on 'Career', zig zagging from sombre moments of relative quiet into ascendant monolithic rock - to hair-raising effect. Listen below.

Wax Chattels' self-titled debut comes out through Flying Nun/Captured Tracks on May 18th and can be pre-ordered here.

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