Label: Absolutely Kosher Records Release date: 10/05/10 Official Site While listening to Wax Fang’s latest effort, the America-bashing La La Land (dig that album art, man!), I was at an impasse as to how to write this review. At first I thought some poetry like Besnard Lakes might be fine, or maybe images a la Rebirth, but instead I'll do it the old fashioned way, maybe getting lost or not. Well, that intro serves as both a portent omen for the text ahead and the album. You see, Wax Fang seems to be a little confused. The vocals usually border on bizarre histrionics, not choosing between all out shout or restrained rage, and at times the production wavers between Arcade Fire’s loose room sound and Bowie’s Eno-era output’s favoring of tight, almost claustrophobic studio precision. Even the music is not in full balance, switching between ‘70s power and ‘00s ambient clusterfuckery. Now, this isn’t to say that it's a bad album or even unmemorable. The songwriting is almost always on par with ‘Wake Up, Sleepyhead!’ being an exercise in omphaloskepsis, wading through its 9’40” length with typical movements and closing the album on its weakest note – throwing the entire disc off and the overall balance of writing off. And sure the bridges between songs can recall the bridge moments of At War With The Mystics or even Eggs, but at least they made a consistently flowing album, something that could've been banded on a 12”, Sgt. Pepper of Dark Side status, to maintain that perfect ebb and flow of songs (considering this is a CD, they instead have everything kind of tie together for the entire running time). Hell, I enjoyed songs on this outright, and think that at least the band has a sense of humor, or at least when I see a song titled ‘Avant Guardian Angel Dust’ I think they don't take everything too seriously. I'd go so far as to say that it’s worth at least listening to once, but the overall just so-ness of it all stales it. Pardon the rant, and pardon the Christgau-ian nature of the style, but much like La La Land, I’m in a just so writing mood. Photobucket