Hit play.

There's something about the first time you hear a song. The way it permeates your brain. Vibrating your particles. Snaking through your synapses until it's found a meaningful place to reside, or just shaking straight out the other ear into the ether, it all depends on your perspective. Sometimes you hear a song at precisely the right moment. All the stars of coincidence align to provide you with exactly what you need to hear. The fundamental forces of the universe conspire in glorious synergy. Everything clicks into place. Everything makes sense for a moment. You can close your eyes and just 'be'.

'Get Healed' appeared in my inbox at such a time. Hours after an MRI scan, before I knew the results, in that claustrophobic vacuum it nestled and found a home. It's gentle rhythm eased into every corner of my existence. The song is more about psychological 'health' than my crippled frame, I know this, but it's ambiguous enough for me to attribute my own meaning. Humans are strong. Even when we're not. We can cope with more pain, more twisted wild anguish, than we could even comprehend. We survive. As long as we're alive we're ok.

I've been looking down on myself through all this. As if my thoughts are a completely separate entity to the body I see that is suffering pain. This song filled the gap somewhat. Working into the space between my thoughts and me. It has washed over me in such a beautiful way these last few days. I'm not saying they 'healed' me, I'm saying they helped, I'm saying I couldn't ask for more. I hope that this means something to you. I hope that it helps you like it's helped me. I hope it fits. It's from an album called Tog Pebbles that comes out in a month. I'm filled with anticipation for it. I hadn't even heard of this four piece before I heard this track, and now they are one of the most important bands out there.