If a maelstrom of weird sounds is your idea of musical heaven you'll be interested to hear that two of the Flaming Lips, never a band to rest on their creative laurels, have concocted a new side project. Wayne Coyne and Steven Drodz shall henceforth be known as Electric Würms.

To mix things up a bit as they are ever keen to do, the two Lips men will swap duties on forthcoming six-track debut Musik Die Shwer Zu Twerk, out in August. They'll be backed by experimental psych band Linear Downfall.

Lest we forget, the Flaming Lips themselves are in full-on cover mode with a forthcoming track-for-track tribute to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album, entitled With a Little Help from My Fwends. That's due in October, but Musik Die Shwer Zu Twerk is due first on August 19, both on Warner Bros.

So can Drodz sing? Judge for yourself in the clip from 'Heart of the Sunrise', a cover of a Yes song, below. And beneath that is a set of outtakes from the Electric Würms sessions, for fans of madcap cacophony.