Even if you've never heard the music, it's certain you will have heard Mark E Smith of The Fall. Possibly the most notorious interviewee in the music buisness for the last 30+ years, he's offended just about everyone, from other bands - "It's like listening to Pavement - it's just The Fall in 1985, isn't it? They haven't got an original idea in their heads." - to musicians themselves - "I can't stick musicians. I've thought about this. I can't stand them, and being stuck in a studio with them I think that's my strength I can hear what they can't" - to radio presenters, see below.

And here follows the interesting, albeit brief, interview with Smith:

Have you got any more plans for spoken word albums? Were you happy with the others/ happy with how they were received?

The first one was great for me. Another one would be timely.

What are the crowds like at your gigs now? Is there still the energy there used to be or are your fans mostly middle aged?

A lot more teenagers and a lot branier.

Do you prefer festivals or indoors for your gigs?

We are a club group.

You’ve always been a great supporter of John Peel – has anyone come close to taking over his mantle yet do you think?

It’s impossible because it’s now not a vocation, it’s a career for mid-thirties saddoes.

Do you agree with the press with ‘Your Future, Our Clutter’ was a return to form?

I love the press, when they go so will you!

The Fall return to London for what promises to be a spectacular show on the 1st June at Camden's Koko. Support comes from Scumbag Philosopher and, being a proper club night, opening times are from 9pm to 4am. Tickets are £20. Not to be missed!

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