Label: Hassle Records Release date: 01/02/10 Website: Buy: AM As a band, We Are The Ocean are well-practised and incredibly tight. Musically, the guitars are well synchronised, but the vocals are uninteresting, shifting spamodically between your usual screamo metal style to harmonised melodies. The instrumental aspect is equally uninspired: there is absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar, bass and drums combo, but it's a long time since Nirvana, and I would guess that the public are craving something new. As a debut album, Cutting Our Teeth is a self-explanatory title: a pretty shaky example of angsty-metal, adding very little to the genre. As dire and embarrassing lyrics go I've never heard so many trite cliches crushed into one song since Linkin Park: "I'm always looking for an answer; Someone to tell me who I am". It's a shame because lead Dan has a great voice, and the rhythm section is very strong. Sadly the guitars work on the 'repeat the same sequence rapidly over and over' method, and could probably have the same effect and intensity at half the speed. There's no progression within the tracks, which work on a verse-chorus-verse quiet-loud dynamic with no pause for variety. There's a lot of pomp and swagger to them but sadly no real substance. Rating: 2/10