Confused by Flume's animated video for 'Space Cadet'? Don't be. We're here to help. We've broken it down piece by weird-piece for you, telling you what you should be looking out and when.

You can also look forward to some Leonard Maltin-level film analysis, featuring the answers to questions as hard hitting as; 'which character looks the most like a dick and/or George Osbourne'.


  • - Produced by Forest City Rockers
  • - Directed by Jim Dirschberger
  • - Creative Director: Jay Howell
  • - Lead Animator: Bryan Caselli
  • - Art Director: Kim Knoll


0:18: There's a hell of a lot of phallic imagery in there. Not only does the main dude look like a triple dick but each head has a dick for a nose, and they're walking in front of a character made completely of a dick with only one ball, whose other ball is standing next to him (@0.18 seconds). And why the hell is Ghostface Killah dressed as some sort of Ghetto Santa? Only Run DMC can pull that off. - Mike Walmsley

0:23: This is one of the cutest moments of the video - the fact they are all singing/dancing happily in line reminds me of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid (ok, the whole video does), and The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Also, look at the face of the dude who carries the radio - he must be the happiest creature in the world (I'll have what he's having). - Ana Leorne

0:43: This, because it represents my life. Shooting sonic soundwaves into the cosmos (or the flat above, whichever is nearest), with no trousers on. #YOLOUYBIITYGSG (You Only Live Once Unless You Believe In Incarnation Then You Get Several Goes). - Tom Jowett

1:04: Is this an animation of yesterday's budget with Osborne played by Snoop Lion (previously Dog)? - Kerry Flint

1:14: I'm a huge fan of Bob's Burgers and Adventure Time, so anything that combines the worlds of the two cartoons is a winner in my book. I love the loose, wobbly, limbs of the characters in the video and this screenshot displays that better than any other time - I mean, just look at their necks! - Rob Wilson

01:46: I like how the launching thrust from the cinder block-type pyramid is enough to change the colour and complexion of the planet. There's definitely something symbolic there. It looks cooled yet almost melancholic as we wave goodbye. - Oobah Arthur

1:51: The pulsating neon planet surrounded by dainty clouds, made me instantly reminisce about 'The Clangers', a British stop-motion animated children's television series that was first aired in the late sixties-early seventies and was re-run when I was a proper sprog in the early '90s. The series featured stories about a family of pink mouse looking creatures who lived on a small blue planet and ate green soup supplied by a Soup Dragon - absolutely bizarre programme but I remember watching the programme vividly, intrigued by these weird but sweet creatures going about their business on their planet. I guess if I were to analyse why this imagery used in Flume's new video made me think of that programme, I would say childhood imaginations no matter how deep they lie in your mind have a habit of coming to the fore and transporting you back to a place or space in your life where the hardest thing you had to fathom was why a bloody dragon was serving soup out of a volcano. Certainly puts things back into perspective. - Jake Wright