Previously writing for Billboard, and co-writing a piece for USA Today, Killer Mike is once again speaking out, this time in honour of Martin Luther King Day.

He's written an op-ed piece for culture site Okayplayer. In it he questions our apathy and general lazy attitude about enacting real change in the face of terrible things being accepted as the norm. Here's a snippet:

"So on the celebration of what would have marked MLK Jr’s 86th year on earth I ask: What do we do next? What do we do besides: take a day, party and watch a march on TV? Will you continue where Martin left off? Will you join other protestors in the streets to end police policy that targets and kills blacks and darker people globally? Will you fight to make sure Africa controls her own fate–both as a continent and as separate states? Will you call out your current "black" POTUS for continuing to land U.S. troops on foreign soil and engaging in more illegal wars? Will you take to the streets and feed the hungry, defend the poor and march on public buildings calling out the incompetent men and woman we call leaders? See, those things are the way to honor a revolutionary. The question is: are you, like MLK was, a revolutionary?"

Read the whole thing over here.