We like Clas Tuuth. He's a rising talent from London whose dusty, organic, living-and-breathing-yet-somehow-electronic tracks leave a pervasive feeling of otherworldly solitariness; that's not necessarily loneliness, by the way, but his music is evocative of alone time at 3am, or late night train journeys by yourself, a single mind riding its own imagination. His are simple and accessible instrumental tracks that speak to something in us all, something that yearns for time to spend cloistered with only daydreams and night-time worries for company, stepping through portals of time and space conjured by the music of Clas Tuuth.

Recently he released his third EP, 003, and immersed a crowd at Ruby's, a subterranean cocktail bar in Dalston, London, with his clacking beats and analogue waves of sound. Ruby's have a cocktail called 'Bosphorous Nightcruiser'. Anyway, the stream of this is up and available to listen to – it's real nice to put on and drift away to, what with its nocturnal sounds and hypnotising atmosphere an' all; you can listen to that below.

However, since I don't really know much about Mr. Tuuth, I decided to ask him a few questions about his music.

Hello Clas Tuuth, how are you?

Good thanks!

How did you start out? What first sparked your desire to make music?

I started making re-edits to DJ with, because I wanted to add things like louder drums or just make new things out of tracks I only liked a bit of and looped it up really simply. Just fun stuff really. Then bit by bit I progressed from there to start making original tracks. It was a while until I made anything I actually liked though!

I have to ask: what's the name mean?

It doesn't mean anything really, it's just a name, plucked out of the air. I might have to retcon something more interesting for that question because it keeps coming up.

Your music has a very organic, natural sound. Why do you think that is?

I record noises I like all the time and then use a lot of those to make drum sounds and synths from, and I build up layers of them as loops on some tracks. I think that helps ground it in a natural sound even though I'm cutting away at it all on a machine. It's nice to hear that comes across.

What other artists or styles are you most consciously influenced by?

I've loved hip-hop since I was a kid, and that's the biggest influence in terms of the heaviness I like beats to have, which makes up a big portion of the overall sound I think. Even though what I make sounds nothing like hip-hop. I love the rhythms of gargage and techno, but overall those sort of dusty, heavy beats and crashing cymbals that I like comes from years of listening to Premier, RZA, Beatminerz etc.

How, if at all, do you think London inspires your sound?

I grew up in London so it's probably quite a big inspiration in ways I'm not aware of. The bits of Hip-hop, jungle and garage that I was surrounded by in my youth all play a part in what I like about music and how I like to make it I'm sure. More directly though, that's where I do most of my recording, so if you spot any city sounds on a track it will have been recorded in London.

What do you have to change for a live show – does it differ depending on the venue?

Yes, it totally depends on the venue. I remix every track live so I can make the set fit the environment. The EP launch was in a bar and was a really friendly chilled out evening, so I kept everything quite laid-back. I've got it all set-up so that I can make stripped down versions of all the harder tracks on the fly, and I can do the exact opposite with the slower tracks if I'm at a club. They're the most fun parts to do live; changing the style of a track, making it up as I'm going, but keeping it recognisable.

Producing almost introverted music like this it feels as if it were never really intended to be in a live setting, but do you like playing live?

Yes, I really do actually, which came as a nice surprise. I'm pretty new to live performance, and I was concerned about how I would be able to do it in an entertaining way, but feedback has been great, so I feel like it's going well so far. You're completely correct that it was never intended to be performed, so I'm really happy that it seems to work really well that way and people enjoy it.

Is there any particular thing you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

Nothing in particular, I'd like to think that each EP as a whole is really good to drift off to, get lost in your own thoughts. That's the main thing I hope people get from them.

What is in the future for Clas Tuuth?

I'm working on an album, and I'll be continuing with the EP series. Not sure when 004 will be out, but it's definitely on the agenda and I've got a few remixes by friends coming in, so I'm thinking about a remix EP of some sort too. I'm hoping to do a few more live shows this year and keep doing the remixes, they're are real pleasure to do.

Go stream the 003 EP courtesy of NeedNoWater records.