We are proud to première this video from Oxford wonder kids Spring Offensive, it adds an extra level to the song that we didn't even know existed. Way to spell it out for us guys.

So I would assume after watching that you have some questions and you want some answers. First off, here is the song in full, it will sound better now you have the story:

Ok, so here's a confession: Instead of writing this piece I used a popular search engine to read about Robin van Helsum for a few hours. You should do that too. It's interesting isn't it. I'm pretty sure we can all empathise with the story. I'm pretty sure we've all wanted to run away at some point. Shit, I just slept rough for a few nights, I didn't have the courage or the foresight to tell a story like this. I've always longed for escape, for a fresh start, and always, without fail, I'm pulled back to earth by the crushing reality of responsibility. I know, be grateful for all that you have, take nothing for granted. I know. Yet somewhere in my brain there is a synapse that just waves free in a thoughtful breeze, tied at one end with creature comforts, the walls that make up my prison. I am the urge to flight drowned out by convenience and laziness. I am unspoken middle class shame. I am looking at greener grass, longing, in a field of knee high hay.

It's really great that bands like Spring Offensive exist. It's great that we have the choice. That we can choose to listen to intelligent pop bands over some of the awful norms that people currently buy into. The shitty guitar bands that put all their effort into appearing like they don't put in any effort, or that 'future pop' trend, y'know that synth sound with the female singer. So relevant, much content.

Did I do that right?

It's probably indicative of our society that we need the band to actually explain how intelligent they are being, but I'll look past that if you do, because each time I listen to 'Hengelo' it sounds better for having seen this video. For knowing the story behind it. It adds colour to a song that, isn't necessarily lacking, but is abstract enough to benefit from it.

Their album 'Young Animal Hearts' comes out in March. You should probably be excited about it.

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