Artist: Hot Chip, Robert Wyatt and Geese Album: We're Looking For A Lot Of Love EP Release Date: Out Now Link:

Words by: Chris Frankland

Hot Chip's new EP 'We're Look For A Lot Of Love' features four reimagined and remixed tracks from their 2008 release 'Made In The Dark' with ex-Soft Machine man Robert Wyatt lending a hand with extra vocals and two tracks remixed by Geese.

Track Listing;

1.Made In The Dark (with Robert Wyatt)

2. Whistle For Will (with Robert Wyatt)

3.We're Looking For A Lot Of Love (with Robert Wyatt, remixed by Geese)

4. One Pure Thought (remixed by Geese)

The track which stands out the most from the EP is coincidently the title track too, 'We're Looking For A Lot Of Love' has been masterfully transformed by Geese from an electro-dance anthem into an almost intercontinental masterpiece. Every instrumental has been changed from the original synthesised track to name a few instruments it features; Accordian, Harmonica and what sounds like a Mandolin.

Robert Wyatt brings his own magical touch to the three songs, The results are several distinctively different  songs that, in a typically progressive and experimental way, are a breath of fresh air for all Chip fans awaiting the fourth studio release.

'One Pure Thought' Has been completely overhauled by Geese or rather Emma and Vince from The Elysian Quartet. Out are the typically dancesque basslines and in come the gentle double bass hums and violins for a chilled out remastered Chip song.

Overall the EP is pleasing although fans would have hoped for atleast a little new material, but with the promise of a new sound for the fourth album and some songs already recorded. It wont be long untill we're hearing remixes from the fourth album.