Here is Flemish trio VUURWERK with their brand new EP, Warrior, out on Lo Recordings. A three-track offering, it begins with icy euphoria flashing in the short but intense 'Mirrors', leads into the wonderfully textured title track with its shuffling beat and downbeat ambient synth chords, and ends with 'Lux', a bleak sea of cold sounds, juddering onward with rumbles of bass towards a crunchy oscillating finale. Their sound is disarming and introspective, techno-flavoured electronic illustrations yet with no restraint when it comes to genre, depicting a reflection of deep thoughts and stark realisations: your mind as a frozen ocean punctuated with towering, unsympathetic icebergs. You can stream it at the bottom of this post.

We asked the band a few questions about their latest release.

What's the inspiration/idea behind the tracks?
We envisioned the Warrior EP as a complete concept, a story with a clear beginning, middle and end and Sylvie Kreusch (the guest vocalist) as a thread that runs through it all, connecting everything. At the same time we’re constantly inspired by all the creative people in our artistic collective, Run Tell Secrecy.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
Although we're all melancholic souls, VUURWERK's music is best heard in the here and now. I guess that’s probably because we see our work embodying an amalgamation of past, future and present tensions.

What would you like people to see or feel when they listen?
No frames, no times, no rules, no boundaries. Just hear, feel & see the inner vision of your unconditioned primitive emotions & their reflections on the self.

If you're at SXSW you can check out their showcase on Wednesday 18th.