Our good friends Neil/Heidi from We Sink Ships have some aweome things going on at the moment, so do us a favour and read the following PR - straight from the horses mouth. We launched our brand new website at www.wesinkships.co.uk and also two brand new online photographic exhibitions. Exhibition one, our first curated exhibition of a solo photographer, is called Line Cut Sky and is by Glasgow photographer, Alan Campbell and Exhibition two is the new We Sink Ships exhibition and is the first of a larger body of work, Elements. This one is titled Water and is accompanied by a poem written by Rhys Baker and a new piece of music by my beneath us, the waves project. We will be following this over the next 6 months with 4 further exhibitions, poems and scores. we went ahead and launched our inaugural episode of our weekly podcasts hosted on Radio Magnetic (here!) The general idea is that on the first Tuesday of every month, We Sink Ships will feature something we love – it might be a band, a label, an artist, a gallery or a venue – then I'll play out with 45 minutes of electro-disco-wonk-pop. The Tuesday after, we invite a guest DJ to record a set which will be preceded by a bit of an introduction to the guest. On the 3rd Tuesday of the month, Heidi (my partner in WSS) will take her turn to play some music but not before we've discussed a monthly Nick-Hornby-esque top 5. Anyways, finishing off the month, the 4th show will be something a little different; with the return of my record label in February, We Sink Ships are presenting the Too Many Fireworks podcast, featuring music from the label, past and present, plus my latest ambient, minimalist or alternative-classical favourites. You heard the guys! Go check them out!