Quick quiz: Name some bands that come from Miami. Drawing a blank? It's certainly not the sort of place you'd associate with a band like Lil Daggers, but as Stephen Fry so eloquently put it “I’d rather be curled up in a snowy cabin with a hot whisky or, quite frankly, a Horlicks than I would spend half an hour in this rotting place." That's more like it!

The band recently released their self-titled debut album through Song By Toad records, so we decided to have a little chat with them.

Oh and, KC and the Sunshine Band were founded in Miami. Suck on that one.

For someone who hasn't heard your music and only seen your name, you could come across as an underground hip-hop collective. What's the story behind the name? 

We were going to be called the Little Dicks, but due to the fact that it was so accurate to us, we ended up with Lil Daggers. And at the time there were no other "lil" bands in rock n roll.

The album Lil Daggers is your first long player, How did it feel when you released it? How was it different to the times you've recorded material in the past?

It was a great achievement for us. We were a band for over 2 years before we got the chance to record, but its kind of what you expect with a bunch of stoners. Our first 10" ep which we released in 2009 was called Straglers. Also very true and accurate to who we are. 

The band has been labelled as garage rock, what do you think Lil Dagger's bring to a growing scene like this?

I think people hear lo-fi recordings and call it garage rock. I don't think we are, but who knows. You know better than I do. We don't bring much to the table, we play what we like and its usually a badly played version of something we want to rip off. 

There's also a psychedelic sound in the LP, thanks to that organ which plays a prominent role. Was this the effect you were aiming for?

Reuben is the organ player, and it was with him, Johnny and myself who started the band. We had no aim, but we are all fans of psychedelic music, new and old. 

Strange Wolf is one of my favourite's on the album, There's a Blues-styled aura that smoothers it. What are the bands influences on the music you make, new and old?

Strange Wolf was actually the first song we ever wrote. Our influences range from The Doors to Reagan Youth. It's hard to pin point everything, we are five guys who have lived five individual lives. I think Miami is our biggest influence. People think of Miami and they think sun and surf and good times, but the city just like every other city has a large underbelly of swamp and grime. And that's the Miami we live in.

Miami isn't really a city that you hear about when producing new bands/artists. Is there a hidden scene bubbling up or any other new acts coming through that we all don't know about?

There is a great scene in Miami, its small but tight, and people really care. Everything from Torche, to The Jameses all bring our scene together. Some of our local favorites are The Jameses, Torche, Plains, and a personal favorite, the sludge kings of Miami, Consular. 

You've played at SXSW more then once. How were the experiences different? Was the reaction to the band dissimilar each time as well?

No one watched us, so it was pretty much the same. 

In what ways do you make your live performances special? How do you make sure the fans have gone home feeling satisfied?

We take the punk/diy approach to most things in life, including how we play. Play loud, give it your all. Usually fans feel like our girlfriends do...that was too loud, too short and not at all what I thought it was going to be.

Obviously you've been touring in the U.S promoting the LP. Are there any plans of blessing the UK with your presence soon?

Honestly, we would love nothing more. Hopefully with love from The 405, booking agents are going to hit us up and bring us over.

Lastly, I'm sure its been a pretty exciting year for Lil Daggers, what does 2012 hold in store for the band?

More touring, more shows, another LP and good times. 

Lil Daggers' self-titled album is out now via Song By Toad records.