We Were Promised Jetpacks have, perhaps, always suffered from being the junior partner in the trio of growling Scottish bands signed to Fatcat (the others of course being The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit). However the high octane version of 'Scottish-Emo' (as Pitchfork so aptly put it) that WWPJ tout means that there is something distinctive and worthy about the band. While they may not have emotional or textual depth of their contemporaries, they make up what they lack with sheer energy and youthful exuberance.

That said, their somewhat lacklustre second album did much to dampen my enthusiasm for the band at it appeared that many others at the Dingwalls agreed. There was a clear divide between older and newer material with the debut album songs making the audience go slightly too far with their elation while newer songs could occasionally barely be heard above the chatter. The band, in particular Adam Thompson, seemed equally annoyed with both reactions of the crowd. A stage diver was shoved back to whence he came with more aggression than was perhaps needed, a dancing reveller in the front row was told to "fuck off" and the group seemed to retreat as far away as possible from their fans to avoid any potential contact.

In fact they never, at any point, seemed to be having any fun playing on stage. Most of this grumpy performance can be attributed to the front man, who left the stage at the end without saying a word (his band mates were slightly more courteous). I don't expect bands to bend over backwards to please an unruly audience but it's not unreasonable to expect performers to try to hide their contempt. Tracks such as 'Quiet Little Voices' did manage to capture some of what I had hoped to see from the band but the rest of the performance left much to be desired. Perhaps this was just an unfortunate time to catch the group but be wary of potential disappointment if you are headed to see We Were Promised Jetpacks on the rest of their tour.