Weakened Friends are a trio from Portland, Maine who will be releasing their debut album Common Blah on October 19th via Don Giovanni. They write dynamic and acerbic alt-rock tracks that scour the depths of singer Sonia Sturino's inner turmoil. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you the closing track from the upcoming album, a song called 'Good Friend', which Sonia tells us about:

"Good friend is actually about something pretty dark, a few years ago our home town music community was pretty shook after the passing of a friend of ours from addiction. It's really weird now to picture that person in rooms and places that you know you'll never see them in again, and the feeling that you could have done more at the time to help. I'm a pretty introverted person, but I'm trying to be better about reaching out to friends and making time for them especially when they're going through something heavy. This song is essentially about doing exactly that."

The heaviness of the inspiration for 'Good Friend' is richly expressed through Weakened Friends' muscular guitars throughout the track, but the memories of good times are also present through Sturino's triumphant vocal melody. Following 'Good Friend' down its rowdy path, it soon becomes clear that Weakened Friends have not created a memorial to their lost friend, but moreover a celebration of their life, the moments they shared and the excitement at the potential of all the future plans that can still be made with the friends who live on. Weakened Friends nimbly tow the line between destitute and euphoric on 'Good Friends', and in the end have created a song that could sit at the peak of an alcohol-infused wake, where everyone throws all inhibitions to the wind and lets their passions show in a full-blooded and celebratory sing along.

Don Giovanni will be releasing Weakened Friends' debut album Common Blah on October 19th. The trio have some live dates in Europe coming up:

30 Oct - FR - Paris @ Pitchfork Festival / Avant Garde (tickets)
31 Oct - UK - Brighton @ The Hope & Ruin (tickets)
01 Nov - UK London - RIFF RAFF @ Paper Dress Vintage (tickets)
02 Nov - UK - London @ The Old Blue Last (tickets)